The White Lily Society: Miami Bloodlust (Vampire Political Thriller) eBook

When the President of the United States is a demonic bloodsucking Immortal, it is up to college coed Mara and the mysterious White Lily Society to defeat the most powerful vampire on earth.

Libertaria: The Virtual Opera



The White Lily Society: Miami Bloodlust (Vampire Political Thriller)

Richard’s arms encircled Anna, wedging her between his body and a cluttered desk.
“Well, you’re just going to have to make it up to me.”
“Hell, no!”
She shoved him, hard. He staggered and fell backwards, his skull making a sickening CRACK against the corner of a metal desk. The room was dark, Anna couldn’t see if he was alive, but as she walked towards the fallen man, her stockinged feet felt the wetness of blood between her toes…cold blood.

Thank goodness no one else would be at the office for several hours.

Light footprints in blood from the body to her desk stained the carpet. She grabbed some Windex and a Kleenex, and crouched down, scrubbing frantically at red splotches.
Anna didn’t hear a quiet scuffling behind her, where the body lay.

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