Animation and Opera – Why Low Budget Composers choose Machinima Animation

Libertaria: The Virtual Opera

With the global depression, art budget cuts, and innovations in technology, contemporary composers have embraced new ways of presenting opera using digital media in the last twenty years. Digital art projects like The Creator’s Project ( encourage and promote modern projects like virtual operas, digital art, gaming‐inspired art, and multimedia design projects. From the Chicago Opera Cabal ensemble to William Antoniou’s Turing Opera and Alice Shield’s Apocalypse, composers have combined the theatrical spectacle of opera with the unlimited innovation of technology. Choosing to create an animated opera over a traditional live opera has several advantages, including working with a diverse range of artists worldwide, low production cost, unlimited stage possibilities, and easy distribution. An animated opera allows the composer to collaborate with numerous musicians and artists worldwide. Initially artists offered their help from Australia, Argentina, and the United Kingdom, but in the end the primary cast and crew lived in…

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