3 Fun Multicultural Music Lesson Plans for Preschool

Are you looking for a fun music lesson plan for preschool? Finding affordable lesson plans and learning activities is easy with these simple lesson plans written by seasoned educator and composer Sabrina Peña Young. Affordable and fun, find the music lesson plan for preschool that you need this year.

Four Fun Multicultural Songs for Kids and Music Games for the Classroom

Four Fun Multicultural Songs for Kids and Music Games for the Classroom includes lesson plan ideas, sheet music, and four fun songs that use simple call and response techniques, rhythm, clapping and more. Ideal for elementary age classroom and celebrating Black History Month.

Clap Your Hands (Rhythm Songs)
Hear the Rain (Weather Song)
We are the Children (Call and Response Song)
It’s Music Time! (Circle Time song)
BONUS: Music Games and Lesson Plans

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Easy Multicultural Children Circle Time Music Song with Bossa Nova Beat

This is a fun and very easy multicultural children’s circle time song for music time with a bossa nova beat. Add maracas and other Latin percussion with an eighth not feel for some musical fun. Ideal for kindergarten and elementary school. Quick to learn. A great collection for any preschool classroom.

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Animal Songs Music Activity Lesson

Enjoy these fun music activities for the early childhood and elementary school classroom. Students will learn how to create their own musical compositions using animals as their inspiration! Designed with the school educator in mind. Ideal for young students ages 3 to 12. Can be tied into the science curriculum or add in exciting stories about animals from around the world for multicultural social studies. Enjoy this fun preschool lesson plan any time of the year.

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