In 2010 I embarked on a new and exciting creative journey with Libertaria: The Virtual OperaElectronic music, machinima, crowdsourcing, and opera with a thrilling sci-fi plot are key ingredients of this exciting and innovative new opera. The talented international cast auditioned virtually and includes pop musicians, classical opera singers, actors, and music educators. You can find out more about Libertaria: The Virtual Opera on the new opera’s official website. This exciting contemporary opera premiered in 2013. Since then it has been presented internationally at the Holland Animation Film Festival, the UK’s, TEDxBuffalo, the Hildegard Festival for Women in the Arts, Buffalo’s Women in the Arts Festival, Videoteque at AnimaSyros . NYC’s Opera America, the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival, the NCCC Video Festival and other venues.


Science Fiction OperaPLOT SYNOPSIS

It’s the year 2139, and United States, decimated by nuclear war in the last half of the 21st century has splintered off into territorial factions. The sky has grown red, the water runs black, and hope rests on the shoulders of a young teen.

Meet Libertaria, of unknown origin and unknown place. Left as an infant in the abandoned Lady Liberty Souvenir Shop in the year 2125, she spent her early years bouncing within the Factory. Aided by a woman known only as Nurse, Libertaria escapes Factory at the age of 14, traveling the bullet train from Nueva York in search of the one person that ever showed her kindness.

A mysterious glowing medallion leads her to the Underground, a society of children led by the seemingly immortal Simeon. Hunted by the Apothetae Army Police, Simeon and his closest allies, Miguel, Lucy, and Gabe, attempt to protect the innocent and helpless from the Collective, an immoral mysterious alliance of seven who control the Factory.

The world had not heard the last of the spunky chic with the bad attitude. Before it’s all over, she will lead a children’s rebellion against the evil genetics corporation running the nation into the ground.


Libertaria cast members have backgrounds in opera, musical theater, popular music, new music, and even dance. Opera cast members auditioned virtually and represent a wide variety of musical talent.

Meet the Cast Members of Libertaria!

ANIMATION and VISUAL FX were created by Kera Hildebrandt, Lucinda McNary, and Sabrina Pena Young.

MASTERING completed by Patrick Rundblad and P&R Productions.

BE A PART of Libertaria!


  • Film Clubs
  • University Departments (Film, music, art, theater, opera workshops, art, feminist theory, political science, etc.)
  • Film Departments
  • Art Galleries
  • Student Groups
  • Theaters
  • Libraries
  • Festivals
  • Clubs
  • Community Centers
  • Select Individuals (Who can commit to a public screening of Libertaria)
If you are part of a university, gallery space, theater, etc. that can host a Libertaria Virtual Screeing Party, e-mail “” with the subject title “Liberaria Screening”. Include the name of your institution, a contact person, screening dates and URL. Accepted parties will receive a free video download and press kit.


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