ENGIMA has been showcased throughout the globe, from Australia to China to the North America at venues like the Autralasian Computer Music Conference, Cuba’s El Instituto Cubana de la Musica, the International Computer Music Conference, the Fresh Minds Festival, SUNY Remix Sound Series, University of Texas Gamma UT Conference, and EARS: Electroacoustic and Research Society Inaugural Video Concert (Florida International University).


ENGIMA was created using a combination of Supercollider and advanced synthesis during my graduate years at Florida International University under Dr. Kristine H. Burns. Wanting to explore the nuances of electroacoustic music, I created a synthesized work that morphed slowly over time. Like many of my works, you can hear my voice distorted in some areas, and techniques like radically stretching out audio to expose the subtle changes and true electronic nature of the sounds. Included in the sound sources were portions of a film soundtrack that I had written for an indie project that never took off the ground. The end of ENIGMA is in reality the beginning reversed with some slight tweaks.

The work remains to be one of my most popular compositions, and is accepted in festivals worldwide, including a recent screening at the Fresh Minds Festival, where young university students from Texas A&M University curate and select works.

ENIGMA remains to be relevant to the contemporary music scene, even a decade after its creation.

To find out more about Sabrina Pena Young or for a consult for your project, please contact her at Spenayoung@Gmail.com. 


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