Twenty years of sound and media experience. 
Young’s experience runs the gamut of video production/editing, sound production, special fx makeup, visual fx, movie trailer production, production assistant, lighting assistant, animation, film music, foley, and more. Versatile, experienced, professional, and easy to work with, Young is an excellent addition to any film crew. Located in Buffalo, New York, Young has been involved in local productions as well as dozens of original films and international projects for clients. 

Contact S. Peña Young at spenayoung@gmail.com for your latest project.


Young has been exploring film and video art for 15 years. She worked under Emmy-winning documentary filmmaker Charles Lyman at Atlantic Productions, working as a production assistant for Inside Out and other projects and assisting at the Chinsegut Conference of the Moving Image. While taking film/media classes at the University of South Florida, Young studied under Lyman and controversial visual artist Hassan Elahi, best known for his work on media and its social implications. As part of the cutting edge artist group SYCOM, Young combined her love of electoacoustic music with performance art and media to create a variety of intriguing projects including Flower in the Sidewalk, an interdisciplinary event showcasing urban artists and musicians and participating in the annual BONK! Festival and Tampa’s Contemporary Music Festival.

Young continued to delve into film/media and music despite economic and personal setbacks, writing the score for emerging New York filmmaker Kalup Linzy‘s All My Churen using only freeware music software and creating intriguing sci-fi inspired video art like World Order #2  for Turkey’s Cinema for Peace.

In 2003 Young decided to combine her pursuits in Music and Media by studying Music Technology at Florida International University, taking an extra year to study film/media with video artist Jacek Kolasinski. While studying film/media, she had the opportunity to showcase works like Portrait of Urban Lifeand Psychosis I: Dissociation at venues like Art Basil Miami and Art Miami, as well as other local South Florida galleries and events. Young also had an opportunity to act as audiovisual assistant to legendary composer Pauline Oliveros at the Deep Listening Gallery in New York, participating with the visual work Inner Thoughts of the Distorted Psyche’ for the annual Women and Identity Festival and collaborating with artists Lisa Barton and Sadie Brathwaite for the interdisciplinary work Tewaizations. Young used her graphic design and film experience for a variety of organizations, including the International Computer Music Conference‘s Composer Jukebox and the controversial multimedia performance art workWorld Order #4 for the FIU New Music Ensemble.

Composer Libertaria Soundtrack
Libertaria: The Virtual Opera

Young continues to explore media and music, writing the score for the award-winning shortMonica by comic strip artist Rob Cabrera, collaborating with international video artists for the Vox Novus 60×60 Project, and creating her first narrative feature Libertaria: The Virtual Opera. In 2015 Young collaborated with composer Lee Scott on his social media web opera The Village, which included crowdsourced composition from several international composers and engaged the audience directly through Internet interaction. Young is currently working Alicia and the White Rabbit, a children’s video game opera, further breaking ground in media and an original animated feature Spiritus. In 2017 Young’s horror film short The Pearl of Tia Maria Magdalena and sci-fi animated short The Murder Zone were screened at the NCCC Video Festival, and her film Libertaria continues to screen worldwide at venues like the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival and Opera America in NYC.


If you are interested in programming these video and/or tape pieces for concerts, festivals, or other venue, please e-mail me at spenayoung@gmail.com. Add the venue and work title in the subject heading. 

Libertaria: The Virtual Opera
A young teen rebel escapes from a genetics factory and pairs up with her addict father in this exciting machinima opera premiering in 2013. With a talented cast from all over the US, a compelling cinematic score, and stunning visuals, Libertaria breaks ground as the first musical created for machinima and the world’s first original machinima opera.


Spiritus (in production)
Life Line
Freak of Nature: 10 Years Later
Bug Love
Libertaria: The Virtual Opera
The Murder Zone
The Pearl of Tia Maria Magdalena
Innermost Thoughts of the Distorted Psyche
World Order #5
US vs Them
World Order #2
Portrait of Urban Life
Creation Electronica
Valley of the Shadow
Psychosis I: Dissociation
World Order #4
Conversations wit da Chillun
The War

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