World Order #5 is the fifth in a series of experimental electroacoustic works that explore world events with a sci-fi twist. Other works in this series include the technopop tune World Order #1 (which gleefully goes on about nuclear weapons and dental floss) and World Order #2, a video work part of Turkey’s Cinema for Peace.

World Order #5, written for the Kansas State University Percussion Ensemble, explores a hypothetical scenario where aliens discover a barren Earth that has been decimated by mutated HIV virus. It touches on the choices that we make as a global society, choosing who we protect and who we ignore, not realizing that what affects one affects all.

World Order #4 in the series is a work created around the time of the Iraq War. Through jarring electronic music, experimental atonality, and seemingly crazed performance art, World Order #4 is an audiovisual commentary on how war affects children and society.

Each of these works have been well-received, both live and as video or tape only. Libertaria: The Virtual Opera originally started as sketches of World Order #6, but soon became a standalone entity that takes the ideas explored in these works and expands it into a new dystopic universe.

World Order #3 was lost over time. The work was a tape piece, a mash of global music and text. It has never been found.


World Order #1 (dance mix)
Origins Album, CD Baby, 2008
Art@Radio, University of Maryland, 2004

World Order #2 (video/score)
DVD Compilation Release of Cinema for Peace 2003 Istanbul, Turkey, 2006
Cinema for Peace (Turkey), 2003
IEEE and Association for Computer Machinery (ACM) conference, 2003

World Order #4 (cello, narrator, percussion, performance artists, piano, tape, video)
Florida International University New Music Ensemble Concert, Florida International New Music Ensemble, 2004
Florida International University Student Composer Concert, Florida International New Music Ensemble, 2004

World Order #5 (percussion ensemble, video, tape)
University of Northern Colorado, 2009
Angel Moving Image Festival, London 2009
Murray State University New Music Concert, 2009
Feminist Theory and Music Conference 2009 at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro 2009
Kansas State University Percussion Ensemble 2008
Recipient of American Music Center CAP Grant 2008


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