“WAGNER 2.0” – Palm Beach Arts Paper

Young’s 20 Years of experience runs the gamut of filmmaking, composition, commercial production, video editing, audio engineering, orchestral and choral writing, music technology, public speaking, animation, film music, opera, arts education, social media marketing, and more.


In 2020 Sabrina Peña Young accepted the position of

Director of Candidate Recruitment at Brand New Congress.

We are supporting candidates who understand that in order to make change we must lift up other voices, rather than drown them out. We understand that for far too long those in power have been speaking on behalf of the marginalized. That’s why we are focused on running a diverse slate, including women, more people of color and more individuals who have experienced the hardships of racial, social and economic injustices.

We look toward a future where corporate cronyism and blind partisan politics are no longer the norm and we can remove the barriers to passing progressive legislation that the majority of Americans support.

With a Brand New Congress rooted in the experiences of America’s working class who won’t take a dime from corporate PACs or lobbyists, we can work together to reign in Executive overreach, stamp out corruption, and improve the lives of millions of Americans.


Libertaria Chronicles

Like any little girl, I wanted to be a famous rock drummer when I grew up. I drove my parents crazy drumming away in the garage, the attic, or wherever they could stash me and my mess of percussion instruments away. As I got older (I’d say wiser, but that’s not really the case) I started studying composition with Dr. Clare Shore in sunny South Florida. When I transferred to the University of South Florida and joined SYCOM (an avant-garde collective of insane arts students and electronic musicians) I knew I had found my calling – experimental intermedia (or mixing video with electronic music and drums).

I traded in my drumsticks for a mouse and followed my love of rhythm, media technology, and science fiction to create groundbreaking futurist and sometimes downright creepy works like World Order #5, virelaan, and Libertaria: The Virtual Opera, the world’s first feature-length machinima opera. I combine futuristic fantasy in innovative “groundbreaking” hybrid works. I completed my M.M. in Music Technology, with an additional year of Film studies at Florida International with Dr. Kristine Burns, Frederick Kaufman, Jacek Klasinski, and Dr. Orlando Garcia. Since then I have composed over two hundred works, produced over a hundred films and videos, and written dozens of books including the sci-fi novel the Libertaria Chronicles, based on my opera Libertaria.

The future of music is now!


Sabrina Young works performed internationally at the Beijing Conservatory, New York City Opera America, NPR Morning Edition, the International Computer Music Conference, Miramax’s Project Greenlight, the Athena Festival, New Music Miami Festival, the New York International Independent Film Festival, Art Basil Miami, Turkey’s Cinema for Peace, Art Miami, and Pulsefield International Exhibition of Sound Art, the Holland Animation Film Festival, Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival, Australasian Computer Music Conference, Buffalo’s Women and Arts Festival, and countless venues worldwide.

In 2018 Sabrina Young was awarded the prestigious Cintas Foundation Bradley Fradd Composer Fellowship, a distinguished award for composers of Cuban descent.

Contact Sabrina Young for speaking engagements or lectures: spenayoung[at]gmail.com

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