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Twenty years of music/audio, film, academic and media experience. 
Young’s experience runs the gamut of composition/music production, video production/editing, audio engineering, sound production, special fx makeup, orchestral and choral writing, music technology lectures and public speaking, visual fx, movie trailer production, humanities education, animation, film music, foley, and more.film-classesPROFESSIONAL, CREATIVE, ENERGETIC, and easy to work with, Young is an excellent addition to any project. Located in Buffalo, New York, Young has been involved in local productions as well as international projects for clients. 

Contact S. Peña Young at spenayoung@gmail.com for your latest project.

Contact Sabrina Peña Young for your next creative project, commission, educational program, conference, or special event: Spenayoung@gmail.com

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CONTACT ME AT Spenayoung@Gmail.com to Schedule Your First Lesson!

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Music Technology Expert

Young is the foremost expert on music technology and audio engineering, virtual opera production and online collaboration with the debut of her machinima opera Libertaria: The Virtual Opera. Libertaria includes a live international cast and film crew, virtual choirs, sound synthesis, machinima animation, and contemporary choral writing, produced entirely online using crowdsourcing, social networking, and the Internet. Libertaria premiered October 5th, 2013 in Lake Worth, Florida, with additional screenings at the Buffalo Women and Arts Festival, the UK-site Moviestorm, the Holland Animation Film Festival, and other international venues.

Young has a rich history of combining intermedia and classical music with cutting-edge works like her multimedia oratorio Creation, winner of the IAWM New Genre Prize, World Order #5 for percussion and multimedia, and collaborations with artists in Vox Novus 60×60 and Lee Scott’s interactive web opera The Village. Young is currently working on the novel series The Libertaria Chronicles, and is in production for the animated film Spiritus.

Young is a sought-after lecturer and writer on music technology, audio engineering, film music, composition/songwriting, film, social media, online collaboration, marketing, and contemporary music.

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Sabrina Peña Young, the daughter of Dominican and Cuban parents, grew up in South Florida during the 1980s. Starting her creative journey as a musician, Young spent her teen years and much of her college life performing in various orchestras, alternative bands, and avant-garde ensembles. While at University of South Florida in Tampa in 2000, Sabrina Peña Young became involved with SYCOM (Systems Complex for the Recording and Performing Arts), an experimental enclave of composers and media artists. She abandoned the drum sticks for a computer mouse. She worked with Emmy-winning director Charles Lyman at Atlantic Productions before leaving Tampa to study music technology at Florida International University in Miami, Florida, in 2003.

Over the next several years Young explored media and music, writing music and creating zombie effects for indie B horror films, composing complex electronic media works like World Order #5, wriring for Kalup Linzy in his film Conversations wid de churn II and studying film for a year at Florida International University in Miami where she premiered works like A Portrait of Urban Life at Art Basil Miami and Arts Miami before dropping out in 2006 to teach art to homeless children with the nationally recognized ArtREACH program.

Combining her love of music and love of science fiction imagery, in 2011 Young received a New Genre Award from the International Alliance for Women in Music for her futuristic multimedia oratorio Creation. In 2012 Young composed scores for Emmy-winning Rob Cabrera‘s animated short Monica (2012) and Sean Fleck’s time-lapse film Americana. Wanting to explore film further, Sabrina Peña Young began production on Libertaria: The Virtual Opera, a science fiction machinima opera produced entirely online. In 2013 Libertaria: The Virtual Opera was premiered in Lake Worth, Florida. In 2014, Young gave a TED Talk at TEDxBuffalo on “Singing Geneticists and EPIC Machinima Opera”.

Libertaria was presented at the Holland Animation Film Festival, Opera America in NYC, and TEDxBuffalo, as well as online and throughout the United States. In 2015 Young published her debut novel Libertaria: Genesis as an addendum to her groundbreaking opera and collaborated with composer Lee Scott on his interactive social media opera The Village. Young is currently writing her third novel in the Libertaria Chronicles series and is in preproduction for the children’s opera Alicia and the White Rabbit, and in pre-production for her second feature-length sci-fi animated film. Young is a member of the New York Women Composer’s Association, the International Alliance for Women in Music, Madrinas, Vox Novus, and the Buffalo Movie and Video Makers.

“The music of Libertaria is an eclectic, accessible mix of styles, some of it more or less traditionally operatic, other parts closer to pop and Broadway. Fittingly for its subject matter, it has a rather dark tonal quality, though even the most somber moments of the score have prominent rhythms that propel the music forward.” – Music Critic Greg Stepanich from the Palm Beach Arts Paper


  • TEDxBuffalo
  • NPR Morning Edition
  • Art Basil Miami
  • Opera America in NYC
  • Art Miami
  • Australasian Computer Music Conference
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers and Association for Computer Machinery Conference
  • Beijing Conservatory
  • Ohio Music Teachers National Association regional workshop
  • Miramax Project Greenlight
  • Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival
  • New York International Independent Film Festival
  • International Computer Music Association
  • Holland Animation Festival
  • Fort Lauderdale International Independent Film Festival
  • Society for the Electroacoustic Musicians of the United States
  • International Alliance for Women in Music Conference
  • Vox Novus
  • 60×60
  • New Music Box
  • Future of Music Symposium
  • Hartford Women Composer Festival
  • Faculty Matters Magazine Highlights Young’s Libertaria
  • Moviestorm.Com
  • Buffalo Movie and Video Makers
  • NCCC Film and Animation Festival
  • Nashville Soundcrawl
  • Percussive Notes
  • Deep Listening Gallery
  • Elektra Special, French Television Broadcast
  • EuCuE
  • Millikin University
  • Kansas State University
  • Heartland Marimba Quartet Tour
  • Arts NOW Series
  • Buffalo Movie and Video Makers
  • Electrolune France
  • USF Hispanic Heritage Festival
  • Florida International University
  • Pulsefield International Exhibition of Sound Art
  • The Atlas Gallery Miami
  • WKMS Public Radio
  • Musical U
  • Art@Radio University of Maryland
  • Feminist Theory and Music Conference
  • University of South Florida
  • USF Contemporary Music Festival
  • IAWM Music Journal
  • Panpipes
  • SEAMUS Music Journal
  • TERZ Magazine


Like any little girl, I wanted to be a famous rock drummer when I grew up. I drove my parents crazy drumming away in the garage, the attic, or wherever they could stash me and my mess of percussion instruments away. As I got older (I’d say wiser, but that’s not really the case) I started studying composition with Dr. Clare Shore in sunny South Florida. When I transferred to the University of South Florida and joined SYCOM (an avant-garde collective of insane arts students and electronic musicians) I knew I had found my calling – experimental intermedia (or mixing video with electronic music and drums).

I traded in my drumsticks for a mouse and decided to follow my love of rhythm, media technology, and science fiction to create groundbreaking futurist and sometimes downright creepy works like World Order #5, virelaan, and Libertaria: The Virtual Opera, the world’s first feature-length machinima opera. I enjoy combining futuristic fantasy with technology and creating innovative hybrid works that have never been seen before. So enjoy some of my music, watch a crazy video, commission me for a project, or let’s meet up sometime for a chat. The future of music is now, and it is an incredible thing!

Works performed internationally at the Beijing Conservatory, the International Computer Music Conference, Miramax’s Project Greenlight, the Athena Festival, the New York International Independent Film Festival, Art Basil Miami, Turkey’s Cinema for Peace, Art Miami, and Pulsefield International Exhibition of Sound Art, the Holland Animation Film Festival, Australasian Computer Music Conference, Buffalo’s Women and Arts Festival, and countless venues worldwide.

In 2018 Young was awarded the prestigious Cintas Foundation Bradley Fradd Composer Fellowship, a distinguished award for composers of Cuban descent.

Contact Sabrina Peña Young for your next creative project, educational program, conference, or special event: Spenayoung@gmail.com


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