classical composer

Over 10 Years Digital Marketing Experience

From working parents and entrepreneurs to national political organizations, creative professionals, filmmakers, writers, musicians and more, I provide cutting edge media expertise and experience, social media marketing insight, digital marketing, detailed media marketing strategy plans, and direction to move your career to the next level.

“As a creative professional and working parent, I personally understand the difficulties of achieving success in this difficult economy. After twenty years, I have learned valuable insights that will help you reach your next career goal no matter where you are on your journey. I believe that everyone can succeed when provided with the right resources. Knowledge is power. I want to give you the tools you NEED to succeed!”
classical composer
Award-winning Composer and Technologist
Sabrina Peña Young

Short term and long term consulting available. Virtual consultations via video chat or in-person consultations (Buffalo, New York area). Flexible rates.


  • Individualized Social Media Strategies
  • Candidate Recruitment Strategy
  • Specialized Attention to You and Your Needs
  • Website Review
  • Improve Branding
  • LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Review
  • Job Search Strategy
  • Set REAL Goals
  • Resume Review
  • Campaign Communications
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Career Coaching from a Professional
  • Take Your Website and Marketing Materials to the Next Level
  • Virtual and In-Person Coaching Available (Western New York)

Project Management

When you need a skilled professional to manage your large scale project, contact Young to complete your goals. Whether working on a big company project, a marketing plan, a campaign, a film, music project, educational program or more, Young has years of success working and collaborating to accomplish goals in budget and by the project deadline. Contact Young directly with your project idea at spenayoung[at] .

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

When you need a tailored Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategy for your business, organization, religious institution, or project, contact Peña Young for a transparent and actionable plan to achieve your DEI goals. For twenty years Sabrina Peña Young has worked in a variety of settings from education and the arts to national politics to bring all voices to the table. Let’s work together to make your space engaging, exciting and inclusive.

DC Summit for National Political Action Committtee

Artist Consulting

“Priceless Insight! Having worked on my album for so long, I lost perspective and needed a music pro with fresh ears, an open mind and a diverse skillset. I was lucky to find Sabrina who is well-versed in the arts of music, recording and production. I received a very prompt response and it was quickly clear that Sabrina knows her stuff. Candid, but objective, her feedback was invaluable! I am so thankful for the detailed, thoughtful critique. Highly recommended!” Composer Michael Patrick Devine

Having helped 100s of artists and musicians achieve success, I am happy to offer special rates to emerging creative professionals. Contact me directly to find out how we can work together at spenayoung[at]


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