Young’s 20 Years of experience runs the gamut of filmmaking, composition, commercial production, video editing, audio engineering, orchestral and choral writing, music technology, public speaking, animation, film music, opera, arts education, social media marketing.


In 2018 the Cintas Foundation awarded Young the prestigious Brandon Fradd Composer Fellowship for artists of Cuban descent. Young’s works have been performed throughout Asia, Europe, Australia, and the Americas at venues like the Beijing Conservatory, Art Basil Miami, NPR Morning Edition, and Opera America in New York City.


“Filtered through the lens of surrealism and technology, my intermedia explorations simply expose my own personal experiences and issues relevant to contemporary society. The visuals are a hybrid of experimental animation and sound art, with characteristic music that I compose for each piece. I hope to envelop the viewer in this universe through evocative sound and visuals while leading them to question the world around them.”

Highlights from the animated film Libertaria
Highlights from the prize-winning intermedia work Creation for animation, sound, drums, and choir. Performed by the Millikin University Choir and Millikin University Percussion Ensemble at the Albert Taylor Theater.
Animated experimental film ENIGMA,
created using computer code Supercollider and sound synthesis.
Lifeline, Short Film
Film Music Reel


Young hosts the Buffalo Indie Filmmaker Boot Camp. Local filmmakers join together to write and shoot a short film in six weeks. Most filming is done in less than ten hours. Films from the Filmmaker Boot Camp have been screened at the Screening Room Cinema Cafe in Amherst, New York and the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival, with upcoming screenings at the NCCC Animation and Film Festival. These films were created by the students of the Buffalo Filmmaker Boot Camp.

The Noise Within created at Young’s Indie Filmmaker Boot Camp, directed by Chris Thomas.
Welcome to Space Force, directed by Aaron B Webb, was filmed at Young’s Indie Filmmaker Boot Camp.

Select Filmography


2019                                 Spiritus, Animation (in post-production)

2019                                 Echo Falls directed by Aaron B. Webb, Makeup

2019                                 The Cure, Instructor Indie Filmmaker Boot Camp

2019                                 Noel’s Spaceship, Instructor, Rivendell Film Class

2019                                 Scamarama: TNG directed by Curt Markham, Editor

2018                                 Noise Within, Instructor Indie Filmmaker Boot Camp

2018                                 Welcome to Space Force, Indie Filmmaker Boot Camp

2018                                 Bitter, Instructor Buffalo Indie Filmmaker Boot Camp

2018                                 The Present and the Passed, Composer

2018                                 The School to Prison Pipeline (Brand New Congress)

2018                                 What is the state of poverty in America? (BNC)

2018                                 Rhonda Parker’s A Christmas Monstrosity

2017                                 Lifeline

2017                                 The Murder Zone, Animation

2016                                 The Pearl of Tia Maria Magdalena

2015                                 Invisible Strings, Animation

2015                                 Singularity, Animation

2015                                 The Opera Heard Round the World, Documentary

2013                                 Libertaria: The Virtual Opera, Director, Animation

2012                                 Americana directed by Sean Fleck, Composer      

2012                                 Monica, by Emmy-Winning Rob Cabrera, Composer

2009                                 World Order #5, Animation

2008                                 REQUIEM

2008                                 Origins, Animation

2007                                 As I Lay, Animation

2007                                 Looking Glass, Animation

2006                                 Metamorph, Animation

2005                                 Innermost Thoughts of the Distorted Psyche

2004                                 Enigma, Animation         

2004                                 Valley of the Shadow, Stop Motion Animation

2003                                 Portrait of Urban Life

2003                                 World Order #2

2002                                 Voices of the Churen by Kalup Linzy, Composer

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