VIFF: Spotlighting Diverse Women in Film

Valkyrie International Film Festival

The Valkyrie International Film Festival (VIFF) is an annual event in March, also known as Women’s History Month. The festival’s mission is to shine a light on women’s work in the film industry and advance the cause of women in film. VIFF is strongly committed to showcasing impactful films from women of all backgrounds.

VIFF’s Focus on Women in Film

VIFF was founded by Tamar Lamberson and her daughter, Kaelin Lamberson, to encourage and inspire more women to pursue their passion for film. The festival seeks impactful films in all genres, with one requirement – the films must be directed by women. By exclusively showcasing films directed by women, VIFF hopes to elevate women’s voices in the industry and address the barriers to entry and limited opportunities they often face.

sabrina pena young film
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Diverse Range of Films on Display

VIFF has a diverse range of films, including narrative, documentary, and experimental shorts and features. The festival’s focus on diversity and inclusivity means it is open to films from women of all backgrounds, ensuring that a wide range of perspectives is represented.

Resurrection Day Wins Outstanding Animation

The First Annual Valkyrie International Film Festival was a resounding success, with various films that captivated audiences. One standout film was Resurrection Day, which won the Outstanding Animation Award. Directed by Sabrina Peña Young, this animated film tells the story of a despondent preacher giving her final sermon in a gritty post-pandemic apocalypse.

Sabrina Peña Young: An Intermedia Composer and Filmmaker

Sabrina Peña Young is an intermedia composer, percussionist, author, and sci-fi enthusiast. She is known for her mind-numbing electroacoustic works that have been heard in film festivals, electronic dance clubs, and venues worldwide. Her multimedia works have been performed at the Beijing Conservatory, the International Computer Music Conference, the New York International Independent Film Festival, and Art Basil Miami, among others.

A Departure from Young’s Previous Film Work

Resurrection Day was a significant departure from Young’s previous work, as she filmed the entire film in isolation due to her struggle with long COVID. She worked through bouts of coughing and heart issues, which she used to give her character authenticity in this animated monologue.

A Poignant Reflection of the Times

The film’s plotline is a poignant reflection of the times we live in, with the pandemic as a backdrop for the preacher’s final sermon. Young’s ability to create a harrowing and emotional world is a testament to her talent as a filmmaker.

Sabrina Young Film
Resurrection Day Animation Film

VIFF: A Crucial Platform for Women in Film

VIFF’s dedication to showcasing films directed by women is a crucial step in the fight for gender equality in the film industry. The festival’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity ensures that a wide range of voices and perspectives are represented, making it a platform for underrepresented filmmakers to showcase their work.

Valkyrie International Film Festival is a vital platform for women in film, focusing on showcasing impactful films from women of all backgrounds. By exclusively showcasing films directed by women, VIFF is a crucial step in the fight for gender equality in the film industry. Film submissions for the 2024 VIFF are now open. Become a part of this incredible film revolution!


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